12 Mar / 2015

Five Services Opulent Real Estate Agency Can Offer Over Private Renting

Renting your property privately can sound like an attractive option. No agency fees, more control over your property’s layout and one on one interaction with your tenants; all of these factors can lead to you taking on the responsibility of being a private landlord. But before settling on a decision, it’s important to consider the extra work this decision will entail. With Opulent Real Estate, we take care of everything, giving you more time to focus on the important things in life.

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Opulent Real Estate Group LLC

Opulent Real Estate Group LLC

At Phoenix Property Management, we advertise your property on the most established and widely read property rental sites. We ensure your property is viewed by the most prospective tenants as possible, meaning your property will be inhabited faster.

Complete tenant background checks

The trained team of property professionals at Phoenix Property Management will run all the background checks you need to know the tenants inhabiting your property are trustworthy and reliable. We run credit checks, check all references, run prior conviction checks and check their job history. This means you can rest easy knowing your property is in the best of hands, with no room made for error. We lease your property as if it was our own, taking the utmost care in our selection of tenants.

Regular property reports

Leasing your property is just one Service Phoenix Property Management provides. As soon as your property is inhabited, we strive to ensure the highest standards are upheld. We regularly check in with your tenants, checking up on both the welfare of the flat and its inhabitants to guarantee a smooth tenancy. We give you regular updates and ensure any issues with your property are resolved quickly and efficiently, with minimum fuss to you and the tenants.

Quick, efficient repairs & maintenance

eeOur dedicated team of maintenance technicians will work around the clock to resolve any problems experienced by your tenants. At Phoenix Property Management, we employ, supervise and take charge of all repairs, maintenance and repairs. This means you can relax safe in the knowledge that your tenants are content with the property while the property itself is being maintained at the best prices by the most qualified technicians in the area.

We deal with all complaints and issues

Should you or the tenants experience any issues with the property, we are on hand to provide all the assistance necessary. Property Management Phoenix can also deal with any late payments, taking the appropriate steps to ensure you receive your monthly payments on time, whenever possible. Phoenix Property Management can also deal with unruly tenants, ensuring all steps are taken to limit damage to your property and maintain your regular monthly cash flow.

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